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  • Founded 2015
  • 501 (C) 3
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Not All Wounds Bleed is a non-profit agency which was founded in 2015 after we observed a need for a centralized database of resources for PTSD patients, their families and friends as well as the need to raise awareness about what PTSD is and is not, including the stigma of PTSD being solely military related. We became involved with PTSD when a close friend and his daughter were both diagnosed with PTSD. The friend as a result of his experiences during his military service and his daughter as a result of a traumatic experience at a young age. While trying to support and help our friends cope with PTSD, we noticed there was no easy way to find accurate information about PTSD, much less resources for treatment, coping and/or support. After many internet searches, contacts with friends, family and businesses, both patients found the treatment and support they needed. The struggle to find good resources was something that we could not shake. Being sure that we are not the only ones struggling with this, we created Not All Wounds Bleed and set out on a mission to create a centralized database of information and resources. As part of our mission we want to help everyone coping with PTSD and we believe one of the best ways to help is to raise awareness about PTSD and in doing so hopefully break the stigma surrounding this disorder.

About Us

Not All Wounds Bleed Board Members

President: Heidi Garton,heidi@notallwoundsbleed.com

Vice President: Johnathan Pickering,johnathan@notallwoundsbleed.com

Networking Director: Yvonne Lozano, amarerzijr@gmail.com 

Social Media Coordinator:‚ÄčAmairin Dominguez

Junior Board Member: Isabella Shinsako

Trustee: D. Shinsako

Trustee: K. Shinsako